Storite 2 Pack 4 pin 3 Ways Y Splitter Computer PC Fan Power Extension Cable Black Sleeved 26 cm

299.00 1,499.00

  • 1 to 3 Ways Fan Cable Splitter: The Fan Splitter Connects 3 Computer Case Fans to A Single Motherboard Fan Header, Compatible With 4 PIN and 3 PIN PMW Fan Connector.
  • 3-Way 4-Pin PWM Splitter Cable Allows You to Power 3 Fans from A Single Source Cable Is Compatible With Both 3-Pin And 4-Pin PC Fans
  • Quality High Density Black Sleeving for All Black Appearance,3-way PWM fan power splitter cable allows you to power 3 fans from a single source
  • As fan control via the Mainboard with a PWM fan is much more affordable than a fan controller, this cable is perfect to give more flexibility.
  • Increase Airflow: The Fan Splitter Cable Provide Additional Fan to increase Airflow in Your Computer Case