Jihaan Power Supply Tester 20 or 24 Pin PSU ATX SATA HDD SMPS PC new Multifunction Digital desktop laptop PC MOTHERBOARD Power Supply Tester checker ABS 20/24 Pin 24 pin 20 pin 8 pin 6 pin 4 pin COMPUTER PSU connector for FLOPPY ATX BTX ITX SATA HDD interface SMPS LED lcd Display Black Power Tester with Indicator Light

399.00 1,999.00

About this item

  • Voltage tester for PC-power supply, preventing your computer from damage.
  • The power supply tester is a robust voltage, tester for PC-Power
  • Supply, protect your computer from damage, Voltage source:20/24PIN (ATX Connector), Green Indicator light=Power is OK
  • VOLTAGE TEST:+12V,-12V +5V,-5V +3.3V, 5V STAND BY(SB), POWER GOOD(PG), Easy use ,the operation instruction on the face of tester.
  • Connectors:Floopy,HDD,CDROM,SATA,4PIN(P4),8PIN,6PIN.